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Using Social Media Marketing for Hiring
World’s Aircraft Fleet to Double by 2035

2016 weren’t easy for airlines around the globe that continue to struggle with ways of finding pilots to fill cockpit seats. 2017 is expected to be an even more pressing year, as Boeing, Airbus and other manufacturers keep accelerating their production, while the already small pool of qualified FOs and PICs grows at a significantly slower pace....

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How important is the age factor in the pilot’s career one may ask oneself. Two aspects are important at this point. The legal age to start your training and get a pilot’s licence tempts the beginners that dream about a career in aviation. On the other hand, strict age restrictions define when it is a time to finish your pilot’s...

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Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica, better known as Embraer (ERJ), is Brazil’s largest aerospace company. Embraer has delivered more than 5 thousand commercial aircraft around the world so far. This type of aircraft also operates in the following four major business segments: commercial aviation, defense and security, executive jets, and...

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810 BAA Drones 09

The rapidly globalizing world is dramatically accelerating the pace of various innovations occurring within all the spheres possible, and drones are not left aside. Before entering the commercial world, UAVs were mainly engaged in the military sector. Most probably particularly this served the reason for the whole issue of drones being...

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810 Oliver Stone_Managing Director of Colibri Aircraft, UK, 2014 (1)

The European Business Aviation Association commissioned a study to determine the impact of business aviation in Europe. The study found that business aviation in Europe has a €98 billion economic output. This is one of the few times a study like this has been conducted to see how much business aviation affects the overall economy. Aviation...

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810 Pilots BAA Training AVIATION Times

Discussions about a pilot shortage in the future have started a long time ago. However, none of the actions have been taken ever since. The economic crisis disrupted the markets of the world in 2008; hence causing an international panic. Consequences were not in favor of aviation enthusiasts.  It is not a secret that the aviation industry...

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There is no doubt that the modern world is connected by a wide range of devices. Talking about the future, all the forecasts concerning the idea of the connection of different things to the Internet in the coming years are truly spectacular. The analysts from Gartner hold the belief that by 2020 there will be over 50 billion connected devices....

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810 BAA Taining BOEING 737NG AVIATION Times

By the early 1990s, it became clear that the new Airbus A320 was a serious threat to the Boeing’s market share as Airbus have won previously loyal 737 customers such as Lufthansa and United Airlines. In 1993, Boeing’s board of directors authorized the Next Generation program to replace the 737 Classic series. While the whole world is...

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810 The-Secret-Language-of-Flight-Attendants AVIAITON Times

You have a long flight and you begin to feel bored. The entertainment options on board don’t look interesting. The person sitting next to you speaks just his mother language and he doesn’t understand what you are trying to say. We have good news! All problems have the solution! When you don’t know what to do during your flight try to follow...

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The Russian United Business Aviation Association has recently received a number of requests, both from RUBAA members and other Russian business aviation companies, from companies and organisations that carry out reviews, or audit, the activities of business aviation operators. Evgenii Iurievich Bakhtin, RUBAA President, has issued the following...

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810 Online Aviation Classes AVIATION Times

The challenges which occur while facing traditional annual pilot or other aviation employee theory training at aviation academies have caused many to search for alternatives. Active lifestyle and continuous traveling does not allow being in one place for long time periods. According to the Open Education Database, at this time, nearly three...

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810 UAV Aviation Times

Unmanned aircraft fever is one the biggest phenomenon today. Starting with a civil sector and the UAVs usage for personal purposes to the huge military industry where drones play a tremendous role lately. The scope of the spreading fever is evidently changing not only our daily lives, different business fields, but also the landscape of the...

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810 Airspeak Etiquette AVIATION Times

While writing so many articles we have focused on piloting skills: its building, improvement, sustainability, expansion and many more things. But we have rarely ever written about the pilot communication, its importance for safety and how young student-pilots go about learning the correct form of communication between other pilots and Air...

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810 Hong Kong Airport Aviation Times

While Cathay Pacific is about to welcome its first Airbus A350, other Hong Kong-based carriers are also anticipating the expansion of their fleets with dozens of new aircraft to arrive in the upcoming several years. But unfortunately, local carriers are facing the danger of ending up with too many aircraft and too few pilots to fly them. To...

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810 Private Cabin Crew Aviation Times

Working in commercial aviation is absolutely exciting and rewarding. Especially for the flight attendants who are capable of managing a huge aircraft cabin full of passengers and are always surrounded by many people from different cultures and backgrounds. Anyhow, those aviation specialists who move from commercial to the private aviation...

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