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Using Social Media Marketing for Hiring
World’s Aircraft Fleet to Double by 2035
Open Door Aviation Times

First rays of sun and clear skies are indicators of the start of the flight season in many aviation training academies. BAA Training’s students began to fly in early March, but on May 21st academy is marking an official opening of the summer season by hosting an Open Door Day at the aerodrome. Open Door Days have become popular and...

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810 How-is-June-so-special-for-aviation-training

For a number of professions, particular time of the year is a little bit more important than others in regards to the job search and hiring. Let’s say for teachers, summer is that season when they look for new jobs. Other professions like construction workers, cabin crew, or anything related to agriculture are focused on the job search in the...

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810 Hong Kong Airport Aviation Times

While Cathay Pacific is about to welcome its first Airbus A350, other Hong Kong-based carriers are also anticipating the expansion of their fleets with dozens of new aircraft to arrive in the upcoming several years. But unfortunately, local carriers are facing the danger of ending up with too many aircraft and too few pilots to fly them. To...

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BAA Training Aviation Times

Global aviation training provider BAA Training recently expanded its service capabilities in Asia. Since April of 2016, the company started providing full package Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 NG pilot type rating training service at the training center in Singapore – BAA Training Singapore. Since taking the first steps into Asia Pacific market...

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810 Drone Aviation Times

Following the incident on 17 April when a British Airways aircraft collided with a drone on the aircraft’s final approach into Heathrow, the Baltic Air Charter Association has issued a call for immediate action on the use of UAVs. The fact that a passenger jet and drone collided brings into sharp focus the need for immediate legislation...

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810 Prague will host CEPA EXPO 2015

CEPA Expo 2016 announced the launch of a Career Day dedicated to helping and encouraging young people to review the opportunities on offer in the aviation industry. The Careers Day takes place on day 1 of C EPA Expo, the 18th October.  This year's CEPA Expo is taking place in Prague from the 18th to 20th October, the Career Day has been...

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810 AT_ML_SP_810x400

The evening of Friday 8th April saw the spectacular inaugural presentation of the Sapphire Pegasus Awards. The awards dinner and presentation took place in the impressive Boscolo Hotel in Prague. The evening started with a champagne reception in the beautiful foyer of the Boscolo hotel. As guests took their seats for dinner they were treated to...

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810 baa training With-great-power-comes-great-responsibility

The global aviation training provider, BAA Training, after a whole year of negotiations and audits, has received an approval from Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) for Ab Initio training. This approval states that BAA Training’s Ab Initio School complies with Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations and is empowered to operate...

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flight safety

FlightSafety International announced that 29 March 2016 marked the 65th anniversary of its founding. “Today we commemorate and celebrate FlightSafety’s 65th anniversary. Throughout our history, we have focused on our mission to enhance aviation safety while providing outstanding Customer service and the highest quality training and...

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810 Sapphire-Pegasus_Linked-In_700x400_Last-Call_2

The Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Awards recognizes and honors outstanding performances by companies and individuals in many aspects of Business Aviation. The Sapphire Pegasus Awards will be presented to the winners during a Gala Ceremony in Prague on April 8. “I believe that a new form of industry wide appreciation is needed....

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810 Marketing

For quite some time now aviation hasn’t left the list of top 50 most technologically advanced sectors (acc. to Brookings Institution). However, the majority of aviation companies (with only a few obvious exceptions) still fall vastly behind most IT companies in terms of progress in the areas of brand image and attractiveness. Trying to break the...

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SmartSky-4G-Experience Aviation Times

Bombardier Business Aircraft announced that its Service Centre Network team will provide hardware sales and installations for SmartSky 4G, a new network taking flight later this year. SmartSky’s patented 4G beamforming technology delivers a signal that locks onto an aircraft, and by using 60 MHz of spectrum on an air-to-ground (ATG) platform,...

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Aviation Times BAA Training

Aviation industry keeps developing and every pilot training centre must offer the new education solutions for those wishing to become commercial pilots. Lately, dual study programs and professions have increased in popularity from demand and supply side. Flight training schools are offering students opportunities to match flight training courses...

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810 Sapphire Pegaus_2016_Image Nominees (1)

The newly created Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Award recognizes and honors outstanding performances by companies and individuals in twelve different categories which will ensure that most aspects of Business Aviation will be covered. The Sapphire Pegasus Awards will be presented to the winners during a Gala Ceremony in Prague on April...

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810 UAV

As we look to the past, nowadays as well, we can assuredly say that all the innovations and inventions were created in order to facilitate and improve our daily routine or working processes. That’s the principle of development. Drones emerged in aviation field quite recently, but have already managed to become irreplaceable in many other...

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