Moscow Region Government has Approved Sheremetyevo Airport Development Project


Moscow region authorities have approved Northern Terminal Complex development project that will make Sheremetyevo one of the major passenger and cargo hubs in the world. New modern Terminal B with extended infrastructure will be built in place of the old terminal building by 2018. Here there will be a multi-level parking, subterranean passenger and cargo tunnels connecting Southern and Northern Terminal Complexes. There is also a plan to lay a new railway track with “Aeroexpress” station at Terminal B.

Moscow Region Urban Council approved three planning projects for Sheremetyevo International Airport Northern Terminal Complex. German Elyanushkin, Chairman of the Moscow Region Government mentioned: “These projects are intended to the construction of the new Terminal B and other non-federal property objects, as well as the new railway track and ‘Aeroexpress’ Terminal”.

Sheremetyevo International Airport CEO Mikhail Vasilenko highlighted that “Moscow Region Government provides a supportive environment for the airport’s intensive development, as well as the Northern Terminal Complex, surrounding areas, roads renovation and supporting infrastructure objects installation. Sheremetyevo today is a leader in quality, passenger and cargo transportation volumes, passenger air terminal complex spaces, innovation and business. We go on with progressive development and are currently undergoing major transformations for World Football Championship 2018. New infrastructure objects and the tunnels will help us create an integrated and whole technologically advanced air-terminal one-roof complex with five main passenger terminals (B, C, D, E, F) with 500 thousand sq. m. of total space and an annual passenger flow of 58 million”.

On the Northern Terminal Complex territory, which is currently being developed, there is an operating fully functional Terminal C built in 2007. Nearby is the now dismantled Terminal B built in 1964. The new Terminal B with 114 thousand sq. m. of total space will be built in it’s place. The terminal will be used for domestic flights with the estimated annual passenger flow of 20 million. This project will create an additional amount of 1500 jobs. According to German Elyanushkin, the total number of job openings will be around 4000.

Quoting German Elyanushkin, the Northern Terminal Complex development assumes the creation of a high-quality transport infrastructure. Aviatsionnaya St., Sheremetyevskoye and Starosheremetyevskoye highways will undergo reconstruction in the Terminal B surrounding areas. Also, new one-way road, main and secondary traffic ways system will be constructed.

In order to connect Northern and Southern Terminal Complexes the subterranean transportation system with two tunnels (passenger and cargo) will be constructed. The Sheremetyevo rapid automated passenger transportation system is developed by Doppelmayr Garaventa Group. The construction will take place right under the operating runway strips. The tunnels’ diameter will be 6.28 meters and the length will be 2.1 km. The annual transportation capacity will be 11 million passengers and 5.9 million units of luggage. “This engineering project is unique for Russia — it will take the airport’s logistics to a new orbit”, — German Elyanushkin mentioned. The tunnel’s mission is to redistribute the intensity of the passenger flow between Northern and Southern Terminal Complexes and assure the proportional loading among all the Sheremetyevo terminals. The terminal-to-terminal traffic will also expand the airport’s solutions for transfer passengers — the transfer time won’t extend 50 minutes.

All these major infrastructure development projects will be fully implemented by World Football Championship 2018, which will take place in Russia. The Northern Terminal Complex development project’s investor is LLC “Sheremetyevo Holding” and the primary construction and installation contractor is LLC “Energo-Stroy”.

In order to organize a high-quality transportation system with the Sheremetyevo International Airport a double-track railway line is planned for construction. It will connect the now existing Savelovsky line’s “Lobnya-Sheremetyevo” branch with Shremetyevo’s Terminal B. The length of the line is to be 4.2 kilometers; it will run through Khimki, Dolgoprudny and Mytishchi. The railway line’s destination point will be “Aeroexpress” Terminal which is planned to be constructed on the scaffolding above the Sheremetyevskoye highway and integrated with a Terminal B pedestrian overpass.

“Moscow Region Government is very interested in accomplishment of high-quality infrastructure development projects across the region and creates proper ground in order to support their acceleration. Moscow air hub development is one of the priority projects under the Governor Andrey Vorobyov’s individual control. The Sheremetyevo modernization will make the main country’s airport one of the most powerful passenger and cargo hubs in the world. Of course, it will also help the Moscow Region’s sustainable development”, — German Elyanushkin summarized.

Source: Sheremetyevo Airport

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