Sheremetyevo Airport presents its strategic development projects

international-airport-sheremetyevo.mainSheremetyevo International Airport is taking part in the 134th IATA Slot Conference which is being held in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, on June 10–12, 2014. More than one thousand representatives of the world’s leading airlines and airports have gathered to participate in the largest international forum on route development.

The Sheremetyevo Airport delegation, headed by Daria Street, Head of the Aviation Marketing Department, will hold negotiations with the airport’s partners and potential clients to finalize the schedule for the winter season of air navigation, establish the most interesting connection routes and reserve slots to meet the requirements of airlines’ business development and passengers’ expectations.

As part of this forum, Sheremetyevo Airport made a large-scale presentation and road-show to unveil the development plans of the largest hub in the country and the airport’s strategic projects to the business community.

In particular, the airport’s partners, representatives of the largest aviation alliances and airlines got acquainted with the unique large-scale development project for the North Terminal Complex of Sheremetyevo Airport. The project will be implemented by the Joint Venture of JSC MASH and TPS Avia Holding.

Development of the North Terminal Complex, with an annual capacity of 40 million passengers, is one of the strategic areas of Sheremetyevo Airport operations. The first stage of the new complex, designed for an annual capacity of 15 million passengers, will be located at the site of Terminal B. This sector also includes the exit from the underground terminal-to-terminal tunnel connecting the North and the South areas of the airport. Plans call for the completion of construction of the underground tunnel and the new Terminal B in 2017, taking into account the preparation of Sheremetyevo Airport to provide transport services during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Operation of the new terminal in the northern area of Sheremetyevo Airport will provide an opportunity to ensure passenger traffic growth of up to 53 million passengers by 2023 while maintaining a high level of service quality.

Modern infrastructure, efficient power distribution, and a comfortable flow pattern for the passengers and baggage of connecting flights will strengthen the positions of Sheremetyevo Airport as a large hub offering fundamentally-new opportunities for air-carriers to develop on the airport’s base.

Taking into account the venue of the conference, the airport’s delegation is planning to hold meetings and talks regarding commercial and marketing cooperation with the leading airlines of the Middle East and Asia whose business strategies are aimed at development in Europe.

In addition, Sheremetyevo Airport will take part in working sessions devoted to industry development trends, consolidation processes, the risks of economic and political effects, and cooperation among airports and airlines in the joint development of flight operations and strengthening of passenger loyalty.

According to the schedule of the International Air Transport Association, the 134th IATA Conference is taking place on June 10–12, 2014, in Abu Dhabi, the UAE. The world’s leading airlines and airports are taking part in the Conference.

Over the years, the Conference has emerged as a platform for successful negotiations and the conclusion of contracts, as well as a convenient place to establish new business relations.

Source: International Airport Sheremetyevo

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