Sheremetyevo’s Served 17 Million Passengers in the Past 7 Months

international-airport-sheremetyevo.mainSheremetyevo International airport’s summed up the results of production activity for July and 7 months of 2015. In July Sheremetyevo served 3million 378thousand passengers, the increase in comparison with the same period of the last year is 0,2%, in spite of the common trend of Russian air carriage decrease. The number of runaway-landing operations in July has increased by 5,5% till 24724.

According to the results of July the volume of passenger traffic on domestic flights was 1milion 432 thousand travelers and increased by 5,1%, on international flights the volume of passenger traffic decreased by 3,1% till 1million 946 thousand passengers.

As a result of the last 7 months Sheremetyevo keeps it’s lead in volume of passenger traffic among the airports of Moscow Air Cluster and Russia —the volume of passenger traffic from January to July is 17million 749 thousand passengers that corresponds the number of the same period of 2014.

For this period Sheremetyevo entered into cooperation with a number of new partners. SmartWings, Vueling airlines and Ellinair opened the flights to cities of Europe and Sichuan airlines opened it’s flights to China. Thus the airport continues the trend of developing Asia directions. Cooperation with Air Moldova allowed to increase the volume of carriages to CIS. New Russian air carriers RoyalFlight and Katekavia(Azur Air) opened the flights to the countries of mass tourism — Turkey, Egypt, Spain and Greece.

Thus Sheremetyevo International airport keeps it’s lead in volume and proportion in international carriages. The most popular directions of the last 7 months are Antalya, Paris, Prague, Bejing and Amsterdam.

In domestic flights the volume of passenger traffic increased by 4,7% till 7 million 666 thousand passengers. The main drivers of growth have become popular in July directions to St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Sochi, Krasnodar and Ekaterinburg.

Sheremetyevo from January to July provided 151212 runaway-landing operations, that is 2,9% more than in the same period in 2014.

Source: Sheremetyevo Airport

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