Why Is It Worth To Pursue Cabin Crew Career In Business Aviation?

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Working in commercial aviation is absolutely exciting and rewarding. Especially for the flight attendants who are capable of managing a huge aircraft cabin full of passengers and are always surrounded by many people from different cultures and backgrounds. Anyhow, those aviation specialists who move from commercial to the private aviation sector tend to stay in it for awhile. What are the reasons causing this tendency? Let’s pull them out to the daylight.

Glamour is actually real

The first thing that comes into your head when thinking of business aviation is probably those fancy furnished private jets looking like a small version of a luxurious palace. And you know what? At this point reality meets the imagination! Very often VIP cabin attendants are free to boast of having incredibly splendid job offices compared to commercial aviation flight attendants or even those people working on the ground.

Another part of the glamour is a professional look of VIP cabin crew. Working in a business aviation field you ought to put your “exterior” in the first place. It is actually less about your features, it is more about your posture and style. Always braced up, fresh and elegant – that’s the manner every corporate flight attendant should exercise. Such professional appearance gives an extra charm to this profession.

Every day is different

Word “monotony” is a complete opposite of this job. Unlike the commercial aviation, where you could get bored of doing the same routes over and over again, in business aviation, every day can bring a surprise. Due to the great variety and mix of clientele on board, you will find yourself in all kinds of unique destinations. In addition to that – VIP cabin crew has longer layovers and up to 50% more time off than commercial cabin crew.

On the other hand, as a private jet cabin crew, you are always on call 24/7. Depending on your job provider you might be working two or one month on and one month off. But it is the matter of your personal qualities – if you are flexible enough and respond quickly, than there shouldn’t be any difficulties to adapt to such working conditions. Particularly, when it pays off.

The very important passengers

Where else if not working in private aviation sector you have an exclusive opportunity to meet the important and famous people. It could be celebrities, billionaire entrepreneurs, royalty, or government members, even the world leaders could become your passengers. More or less, they all are influential and inspiring.

The only thing to keep in mind – their big personalities matches the big expectations and desires. VIP flight attendant must be prepared for that and always find a way to meet those demands.

Salary is worth an effort

When considering the financial side of a VIP cabin crew job, it seems worth all the efforts. Compared to commercial cabin crew, corporate flight attendant receives up to 100% higher monthly income. Their salary packages can exceed $70,000 per year on average.

In addition to that, such perks as accommodation, insurance, travelling around the world and enjoying meals in luxurious restaurants are included as well. Don’t forget the fact that some passengers are also generous with gifts and tips. To sum it all up, are there still any questions left?

What you need for the start?

In conclusion, there are many benefits in both jobs, commercial and corporate flight attendant. And it is only you who has to reflect on your personal characteristics, attitude, and your life priorities before choosing one or the other. Flexibility, patience and attention to details are those qualities to rely on if you choose to pursue your career in business aviation. The other thing to keep in mind for the start is a proper training and early preparation. Having a package of all these components is a great start for a successful VIP cabin crew career.

Source: BAA Aviation

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